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Everton lost all 4 home games this season against Fulham

Everton lost all 4 home games this season against Fulham.

Wolverhampton. Wanderers, Arsenal , Luton, with many people beginning to question Dyce’s position at Goodison Park before he led the team to defeat Bournemouth.

  Dice explains, “I met with 777 Partners executives with a related idea: They will become club owners. That was 10 days ago. They mainly ask us questions about what we think, see and feel about this club. and where changes need to made.”

“I explained it to them. And I try to be honest. It’s my duty. And all of us will change the situation. It is another positive sign today. We have many intentions. clear opportunity But we have to turn it into a score.”

“We had two years where it was the same. playing good football. Try to score a goal. And don’t concede a goal. We need to have a stronger mindset to do stronger things. That is what makes a football team successful.”

“What we need to develop is some small details We were just a little bit upset about the defeat. Against Brentford and Villa we performed very well overall. But a few good performances won’t help you much. You have to develop yourself all the time.”

Victory over Bournemouth was a huge step forward for Everton in a new era and spared Dyce from a stressful situation. which may cause partisans The “Blue Toffees” do not have to struggle to escape relegation until the end of the season like in the past. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet