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Ronaldo sees Brazil as a leap forward in the future.

Ronaldo Nazario sees Brazilian football as a big leap forward in the next five to six years, with Real Madrid forward Vinicius Jr a case in point.

Legendary Brazilian striker Ronaldo Nazario says football will see significant improvements in quality over the next five or six years following changes in coaching from the very foundation of Brazilian football. According to reports from Relebo on Friday. 

The legendary Brazil forward gave an example of how Vinicius Junior was relatively raw when he joined Real Madrid from Flamengo in the summer of 2018, before the Whites took time to refine. The 22-year-old forward has emerged as another talent in football UFABET

‘They didn’t prepare him well or improve the technical fundamentals. He doesn’t know how to control the ball with his left foot! Today after growing up in Spain He is the sharpest attacker in world football,’

Ronaldo said of Vinicius on Relebo’s Mano a Mano podcast. 

Previously, Vinicius was not a very good finisher. Before he exploded in 2021 with 22 goals in all competitions, playing 52 games in the 2021-2022 season with Real Madrid, Ronaldo highlighted why he spent so long in The best version of himself. Apart from the natural development of young players.

‘Vini arrived in Europe lacking adjustment in training. for many years Talent is left like an uncut diamond. He was a clear case. He was sold to Madrid at the age of 18 and starting at Castilla, you see he hasn’t been adapted yet. To the point everyone said he was going to be on loan until he returned to Brazil.’ 

‘He has improved a lot with the training programme. professional approach And with the help of excellent technicians He switched from water to wine in two years. But when he signed And he is playing for Flamengo, they are not training properly. Because they haven’t developed a left foot or his relationship with space and time on the pitch. He’s only getting better here.’

Ronaldo is also optimistic about the future of the five-time world champion Brazil over improving coach training and grassroots programs in the coffee country.

‘Brazil will make a leap in quality in the next five or six years. The coaching programs and methods have already begun. The CBF (Brazilian Football Federation) has invested a lot. It’s something that people rarely talk about. It may be because the image has been damaged to some extent. But this is going to change the level of football in our country. both in coaching and grassroots programs’