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Chelsea set to turn their sights on Robert Lewandowski

Chelsea set to turn their sights on Robert Lewandowski. According to The Sun, Chelsea are set to turn their sights on Bayern Munich forward Robert Lewandowski following the prospect of signing Erling Haaland from the club. Nortmund is going to be very difficult.

         “Sing the Blues” are aiming for a new target striker to reinforce the army after the release of Olivier Giroud to AC Milan, with Haaland’s name in the past as the team’s top target. But the way Michael Zorc, the director of the “Yellow Tigers” club, has insisted that he will not leave the team this summer.

         For that reason, Chelsea have to turn to other targets. The Spanish media revealed that Lewandowski is Thomas Tuchel’s choice, with Manchester City previously targeting the Poland striker after the opportunity. Harry Caine, plus a fee of less cruelly.

         However, Chelsea may have to change their policy on contracts for players over 30 years old, from the original only giving contracts for one year. And possibly making Lewandowski the team’s most expensive player.

         It is possible the “Southern Tigers” will consider selling Lewandowski if they get a fee of 50 million pounds to contribute to Erling Haaland next summer.

         The 32-year-old has an excellent goalscoring record for Bayern Munich, netting 294 goals plus 65 assists in 329 appearances every game.