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Is Organic Really Safe For Health?

Organic is a living thing that is produce by organic methods. And rely on chemicals as little as possible. This must be done by farmers with knowledge and expertise in organic farm food. So that the output is non-toxic.

The organic production process also has many other objectives, such as

  • Improve the quality of soil and water in agricultural areas.
  • reduce pollution in the environment UFABET
  • help the housing of Animals raise for consumption are safer and more hygienic.
  • Help animals raise for consumption behave more naturally. Reduce the risk of mutation
  • Helps the cycle system and various natural cycles in the farm better.

And to make organic agriculture more efficient Certain processes use in agriculture are prohibit to prevent contamination.


  • use of synthetic fertilizers or chemical fertilizers to increase nutrients in the soil
  • Using sludge from wastewater as fertilizer for plants
  • Use of chemical insecticides to control pests.
  • Irradiate produce to prevent diseases and pests.
  • Genetically modified to help produce quality produce. and more quantity or eliminate diseases or pests that may harm plants and animals
  • use of antibiotics or growth hormone to promote growth in livestock

Most of the products that come out. Usually in the category of food. Such as vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy products and meat, etc. Which is often called organic food.